Welcome to the world of newer opportunities and Challenges. As you all know that “One right decision may lead you to the path of Success”. Choosing an Institute is one of the very Important and difficult decision at the same time the right selection of Institute provide you the right way to make your career Golden. In the success of a student Institute play a vital role providing knowledge to cope with the latest technology and modern Industrial trends and techniques. SDMIET-TC Provides the students Theoretical as well as practical knowledge using latest tools, techniques and technology. Your time at the Institute is worthwhile, enjoyable and at the same time it is sound investment of Time, Money and Efforts. At SDMIET-TC students are trained not to do Hard work but to do Smart work which means to yield more output through less efforts. At SDMIET-TC I Each and every student is important and get individual attention. SDMIET-TC laid emphasis on human element by offering by offering opportunities to each student to improve himself/herself and to bring out the inborn hidden talent of the students. We have brought together the right environment, the expertise, the experience and the technology to prepare students to face the real life challenges of the corporate and cosmopolitan world.
The vision that drives us is clear. We aim to create a unique and dynamic learning environment, providing students the guidance of expert professional with latest technology tools and techniques and each student’s achievement is given utmost priority. We set the high standards and assist our students to realize their full potential. It is better to study at SDMIET-TC as we always work closely with the Industries to make our students best executive and managers of the Country. SDMIET-TC itself enjoys a good reputation in the Business and Commerce world to have contributed to a high degree of human capital to them.
I welcome you at SDMIET-TC from all over the country and abroad to foster your dreams and becoming a global professional of the future.

Best of luck.